Laboratory Business Module


The clinical laboratory is essential in determining the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of our patients. It is estimated that the information obtained from the clinical laboratory plays a pivotal role in 60 – 70% of medical determinations. Near patient testing allows more immediate decisions to be made by the practitioner and also allows face to face interaction to be made with the patient when explaining the laboratory test results. These factors have been shown to increase patient compliance with a therapeutic regimen. Rapid availability of laboratory test results also enables more efficient use of practitioner time and leads to a reduction in errors and omissions. Overall patient satisfaction with the practitioner and the medical practice are enhanced when laboratory testing results are delivered to the patient in a timely fashion.

In order to provide on-site laboratory testing, cost benefit ratios must be evaluated. Working with a laboratory financial consultant COLA is pleased to offer our LabClarity Module to assist your practice in performing this vital laboratory testing cost analysis. The tool is designed for you to assess your composite costs in providing a varying array of laboratory tests through evaluating differing scenarios of procedure methodology, personnel utilization, and reimbursement. The goal is to assist you in planning new procedure/testing implementation by providing profit/loss information for your laboratory so that you can provide a maximum in near patient testing in a cost efficacious manner.
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